Via-Tele: We ♥ Outbound

Via-Tele offers a variety of customizable services that can be tailored to the business goals of any automotive dealer.  Our services include: outgoing calls to lists of targeted customers; utilization of local caller-ID to increase connection rate; individualized scripting; customer call records modified to meet our client’s specifications;  complete CRM integration for an unprecedented level of visibility and quality control; call “disposition” determinations to notate the outcome of each call and provide real-time call-data to client.  Our offered services are completely customizable to best meet your business goals.

The Via-Tele Outbound Marketing Team is a trained and tested group of outbound marketing professionals that handle each and every call with a courteous and professional manner. Our clients have complete control over calls goals with individualized scripting that ensures key business points are touched upon on ever call, and targeted call lists to greatly increase our rate of connection. Strict guidelines and high standards ensure that all customer interactions are followed through to a positive conclusion.  Via-Tele provides a level of flexibility and professionalism that only comes with years of customer care experience.

Our Customer Service Specialists handle calls from interested homeowners and screen for client-specified criteria utilizing our fully individualized scripting service.  In a professional manner our Specialists screen for eligibility and warm-transfer leads to your loan officers, having already initiated a mortgage dialogue, gauged the homeowner’s interest, and confirmed their basic information. Conversion rates vary from 12-30% and instant email confirmation of each and every transfer we do is available upon request. Effective, professional, dedicated: the Via-Tele Customer Service Team.

Via-Tele’s Three-Stage Confirmation Sequence:

Via-Tele’s capacity for efficient and effective appointment scheduling, follow-up, and confirmation is unmatched.  Like our tag line says: We ♥ Outbound.  And that means outbound communication of all types.  After our Outbound Marketing Team and Inbound Customer Service Specialists have successfully set and scheduled appointments for your customers at your business location, we remind and confirm. Via-Tele’s unparalleled Three-Stage Confirmation Sequence ensures that each and every customer receives three separate appointment-confirmation reminders.  The Three-Stage Confirmation Sequence is as follows:

Stage 1: Email

Every customer with an appointment will receive an email with an appointment confirmation reminder.  Each email will be displayed upon a custom designed template featuring your company’s logo and color scheme.

Stage 2: Text Message

After the email has been sent out, each customer will  receive a personalized text message confirming the date and time of their appointment.  As with email, the Via-Tele team will work with you to design a custom text format and template that best represents your company.

Stage 3: Phone Call

Finally, every customer will receive a personal phone call from one of our Customer Service Specialists confirming their appointment.  With three personalized  appointment confirmation reminders, Via-Tele is sure to bring customers to your door.

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